Closet Tales

Everyones style is different. I love being inspired by the world around me to create my own personal style. I love things that are elegant, glamorous, classy yet fun and colourful. I love to travel, visit beautiful places, try new foods, experience new cultures and all of that contributes to my own personal style.  I love seeing other people’s style and ways of putting things together and being creative as well as learning more about who they are or want to be.

The way you put together the clothes you wear can say a lot about you and is usually a big part of the first impression you make on others. They way you choose the other elements of the life you live also says a lot about you. I am still developing and re-developing my style – i’m not sure when it will end but  it would be great to master it!

This section is a showcase of the all the things that are currently inspiring my personal style. I am inspired by a fashion mix of ‘Clueless’ meets ‘Blair Waldorf’ meets Beyonce meets Bridgette Bardot.  It doesn’t always work but that’s the fun of it!

Check out my Style Pinterest Board for my latest inspirations

My Weekly Capsule – What i’m wearing this week/ What I wore last week

My Seasonal Capsule – What i’e chosen for this season

Musing – Musings on the latest trends in fashion and other style tips.

Look Book – Outfits of the day

Hair – My journey to living with and loving my natural afro hair



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