Hey!  Welcome to the site!

Style is a form of self-expression and can be inspired by anything everywhere. It can express feeling, history, innovation, desire and creativity. It’s through our clothes, accessories, activities and actions that our personal way of doing things is shown and bringing authenticity to that is important.

Following current fashion trends can be a little overwhelming and (quite) expensive so it’s always good to know the little tricks you can use to cultivate your style so that it remains timeless, authentic, yet up to date. It’s also a bonus to know how to manage and make your money go further, especially if you love shoes a I do! 

Creative, classy, colourful and fun, you’ll find elements of that here and I hope that as I share and showcase the things I find on developing one’s style, having fun with fashion, tips and tricks about money and living and loving one’s life, I can inspire you just a little bit, to do the same. 

Stay stylish.




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