Summer Time? No, Autumn Time!

So I guess that didn’t work out. I went on another extended hiatus and I have still been busy over the past few months trying to get my makeup career going, working and travelling that I once again pressed pause on my blogging and I was supposed to return for Spring/Summer but both the time and the sunshine has come and gone and I’m here.

I do want to get back on it especially seeing as with the sunshine came lots of inspiration and a fresh start, a new outlook and gorgeous time thinking, planning and doing.

This time has got me re-energised, refocused and reviewing what I have been doing and the first thing I was thinking about was this blog.

As I said at the start of the year I want to focus more on style rather than fashion. On really creating a signature that can be incorporated into all aspects of life. As I’ve come to learn, style is much more than how you put clothes together – it is a way of being. It is the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you move, the things you choose to do and how you do them, the places you choose to go to and who you choose to go with, the things you watch, listen to and absorb, the things you’re inspired by and surround yourself with ultimately it’s the life you design and one you choose to live.

It is created by you – it is your style.

I aim to revamp this blog and give it more direction and make it more focused on what it was supposed to be all about – Style. Creating it, developing it and fine tuning it and ultimately loving it!


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