Just a little update

Wow, it has almost been a month since my last post! I have been so busy and so many things have happened I haven’t had time to post but I plan on getting back into the swing of it and sharing with you what I’ve been up to.

I am really enjoying my time since graduating from AOFM. They have provided us with such amazing opportunities and I haven’t been disappointed. This past month I have worked at top model agency, backstage at London Fashion Week and worked for a large global designer brand.  I’ve been preparing materials to promote my business and I’m really excited to build it. It is the third month of this year already so I’ve got to get going and there is so much to do!


I haven’t forgotten about fashion! I’ve been trying to stick to my goal of not spending too much and working on only adding to my closet things that will suit my style and that will be a long-term investment. I have only bought two skirts and one camisole since December so that is a big deal for me. I will do a round-up of my winter looks soon as I can’t wait to start putting together a Spring  wardrobe! The sun is shining and I’m happy!

This is my theme song at the moment…I’m sure you know what it is 😉



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