Make Up Me Over

So on my financial quest this year, one of my goals is to make money doing something I love. I’ve been wanting to do Makeup for a long time and last year I decided to go for it and start off by do the Total Creative Pro Makeup course at The Academy of Freelance Makeup. I chose to do a course because personally, I wanted to get/have the right skills and network at the beginning of my career that you can’t always easily get by doing it yourself (having said this many many excellent Makeup Artists have been self taught). I also wanted to do the course because the opportunities that AOFM gave you afterwards looked amazing!

The course was so much fun and I made such wonderful friends on the course who I hope to keep in touch with as much as possible. The week after finishing I was booked to assist at a show so the opportunities came in right from the word go! For anyone considering doing a course like that, I have done a review of it here.


I am currently putting together my business materials and building my portfolio so watch out for the business details soon! This year will be fun!



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