Hair Care Mizani


So I was washing my hair when I realised it was time for a hair post. I’ve come one month past the one year mark and my hair is like this:


(Excuse the lack of makeup and it’s not dirt but drops of water still in my hair)

I would love to have the amazing speed of growth that you see from some others on Instagram – Waist length in three years? Waaa?! But everyone is different. I have very thick tight coils (4c but really tight at the back and stretched or 4b at the front I don’t know why, hence why it stands taller/ seems longer)…real good African hair! and it seems like it has been growing slowly recently and breaking so I was getting worried.  I decided to revisit the hair care tips I had found in books and on Youtube and lo’ and behold, I wasn’t doing them properly.

Although I said I would, I haven’t been following Ms Kimmay from KimmayTube’s wash routine correctly. It’s always easier to be lazy and cut corners but then you wonder “why hasn’t my hair grown?!”. Ah…children.

So, I decided to give it another go and this time follow her routine to the T. And at the same time use my new haul of Mizani products. I found that the Paul Mitchell products I was using were nice (and expensive) but didn’t leave my hair feeling soft or detangled and the Karen’s Body organic products I had used before that, made my hair feel too squeaky clean. Well, after a few weeks of using Mizani, I have to say that “I’m Lovin’ It!”

My hair feels soft and detangled yet strong. It doesn’t break in my hand if I pulled it taut when dry and the products smell so nice. I also bought the cream curl wash to use to do co-washes mid-week when needs be and this also leaves my hair feeling soft and bouncy.

When I decided to watch Ms Kimmay’s videos again and follow her method to the letter, I have to say it really worked for me. Recently, I’ve ben getting a lot of breakage whilst washing but this method (when followed correctly) really reduced that – I think it is the downward smoothing motion that is helping. Also leaving my hair to dry in the twists, gave my hair a lot of volume and stretch it out a bit so my curls became much more defined and my afro, a lot bigger.

I also need to take care of my hair a bit more at bed time by twisting it, before wrapping it in a scarf. Thinking that just sleeping with my uncovered head on a silk pillow case will be fine because it is silk, hasn’t been cutting it.

I’ll keep doing this routine and keep posted with my progress. Let’s hope it becomes second nature!



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