Finding The Right Fit

I have always spent a lot of time trying to create a signature style..(I am still working on it) but one thing to keep in mind as you are creating (and maybe get influence from) is to look at the things you wear that fit you really well and make your body look good.

I know that because I am petite (lil’ ol’ 5″2 me!) I can’t get away with everything. The bouffant jacket trend?…nah, or  boyfriend blazers? ( be honest they could work but it don’t think they suit me…I just don’t have the level of cool for it! So nah..). I know that tea dresses look good on my frame (actually, dresses in general) and skater skirts. But how do I know? From honestly scrutinising pictures and because those are the times I get the most compliments. Always take note of these times!

There was a trend a few years ago of the ‘tulip skirt’. That trend was made. for. me.! I snapped up loads like crazy because they really fit my shape and gave me a gorgeous hour-glass figure. When the military trend came around I found that I look good in military style coats (proportion of the shoulders perhaps?) and the same with the tapered chino trend. On the other hand I look really young in A-line prom dresses (although I do love them) but sophisticated in pencil skirts. I am highly unlikely to wear capri pants or turn ups  as they make me look short and the 70’s flared anything trend is “Look but don’t touch!” for me.

Knowing what is a right fit for you and your shape is the best way to shop. It’s strange and it’s hard to do because you see the item of clothing on a model and you think “oooh that looks so nice! I want that!” but really you actually should stop, pause for a minute and ask yourself : “Do I like it because the item is nice and will suit/fit me or Do I like it because it looks nice on her? It suits and fits her”. After my year of online shopping last year, I think I am back to the good old in store browse. There is nothing quite like, trying on the item and seeing if they suit you and will go with what you already have.

I’ve found that a lot of the regular sized skirts I buy that comes just past the knee on the model actually comes just above my ankle…I have to ask myself, “Will this skirt look good at that length? Am  will ing to pay extra and get it altered?” If the answer is no, I’ll have to put it back and search for something similar that actually fits me, my height and my shape.

Some people subscribe to the ‘wear whatever you want‘ philosophy and truly you can…however wearing whatever you want doesn’t equal looking good whenever you want.  Some people are able to look really good whatever they wear so they seem to look good all the time. Most other people however, don’t and if you are honest with yourself do you? If you don’t, what things do you know DO look good on you? Having an idea of what suits you and what doesn’t will go a long way to building a wardrobe and style that is “just so you!”. You can shop with these styles, shapes and colours in mind and make sure that most of what is in your wardrobe makes you look fantastic!

In another post I will talk about finding your colours – how to work out the best colours for you.

How do you go about finding the right things for you? Do you stick to what you know looks good or do you just wear everything?



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