Out With The Old In With The…Old?

A new year, a fresh start, my new found knowledge and the need for more money has once again spurred me on to do a big clear out of my wardrobe. Items I don’t wear often, that don’t suit my style or that just shouldn’t be there need to go!

This time I decided to do it a bit differently.

Usually when I have done this before, I would take out all my clothes sort through it but end up putting most of it back because I have gotten tired of sorting through it or because I have struggled to let go of items in my wardrobe (I have a pair of comfy too-big-for-me- jogging bottoms that I have had since I was 13!). I decided that this time around I would use my new found style knowledge create a Pinterest board of my ideal and overall style and if something did not fit, OUT it would go.

If I wasn’t sure about an item, I would try it on and take a picture then I would think about how and if it was the right fit for me and if it fit into my style. I looked at the cut, the print, the style, whether I had worn it often and how likely I was to wear it again.

1) IMG_4052  2) IMG_4047                                     3)IMG_4058  4) IMG_4054

Some examples of my deliberations: (I kept numbers 2) and 4) and will sell 1) and 3) as although I like their styles I think they could fit better)

I also removed things that were old, torn or of very cheap quality. This meant that some of the items I have held on to for a long time were finally given up!

Some of my clothes will be sold on Ebay (I will only sell something I would consider buying- so if it didn’t look good it goes into another pile)

Some clothes could go to charity and others in the bin!

It was good to keep the Pinterest Style Board open as I could easily make a decision on what to keep and didn’t spend too long worrying about if I was doing the wrong thing. I also went through and made a list of any basics that were missing from my wardrobe e.g. A good pair of black trousers and a good fitted black blazer and hopefully I will look out some really good quality versions of those items and add them to my wardrobe.

So my wardrobe detox has begun, hopefully this will streamline my wardrobe to leave me with things that I will always wear and will fit my style.



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