What Men Taught Me Part 1: Style

I recently stumbled upon this Men’s Fashion blog Kinowear.com and have now become quite a fan! I love their posts on style and aim of just helping men to dress better and express themselves.

Although they are targeting men, I think their words of wisdom are useful for everybody. They understand that style and fashion are different and that a lot of people can get caught up or overwhelmed with fashion leaving them at a loss on how to really develop their style. So, they have put together a few tips and trick to help men (and women shhhh!)  get started.

These are their most popular post and they are so useful I wanted to share them here:

How to Find Your Own Sense of Style

The Basics You Need to Know About Color Coordinating Your Outfit

What is Style? (A Deeper Analysis)

5 Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Style

5 Steps to Mastering Your Own Style

How to Shop on a Budget (the right one!)

40 Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

It’s worth a read!



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