Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It’s My Birthday!!!


I thank God for another year. I’ve reached a quarter of a century! Its scary and amazing at the same time. This past year has been great and the next has got to be the best yet.

Apologies for not having posted I have been really busy doing  a professional Make-Up Artistry course – Total Pro Creative Specialist Course at the Academy of Freelance Makeup. It’s expensive but it has been so great and hopefully the work I put in afterwards will make it all worthwhile. I’ve been wanting to do it for two years and I thought that I should finally get a move on and achieve a goal. It has been so good and I’ve learnt so much in a short space of time it’s been hard to take it all in. 

We’ve done two weeks of make up and we’re doing hair next week, then airbrushing and nails so you learn a lot on this course. The tutors have been awesome and their portfolio of work is amazing. My favourite was Philippe Miletto who taught us Avant Garde makeup – he was so cool and our lesson was so fluid and creative! I have also made some fabulous friends on the course, people who all come from different parts of the world and hopefully once we’ve finished we’ll keep in touch and grow together in our careers.

Pictures and outfit post of he past few weeks to come soon!

Off to get some Birthday cake!

cute bday



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