Hair Mystery Solved!

So I found out what was going on with my hair!!!

I have fairy knots or technically single stranded knots (SSKs). They are tiny knots that form on a single strand when the curl folds on itself. The best way to prevent them is to detangle regularly and use a conditioner or product that gives slippage to the strands allowing them to slide past each other rather than tangle together.

Unfortunately I had a bit too many and I had to get a trim but I can run my finger through my curls now and there is much less breakage than before so the trim was needed. Now the rest of my hair can grow without being pulled out.

I was finding that my conditioner wasn’t of much use during my de-tangling stage before until I randomly used my mum’s product: Luster’s S-Curl Activator.


This products gives great ‘slippage’ so I use it to de-tangle my hair. My curls don’t tangle and I can easily manipulate it with my fingers.

Hopefully this will be a great first step to having and growing healthy long hair!



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