Online Shopping

Online shopping. I have a love hate relationship with it.

I love the ease of browsing in your own home or on the go (thanks to apps) and this really appeals to my multitasking side. However I have found that when I buy the items and get them, they look different to what they looked like online and I end up taking piles of items back. They are items I would have not looked at twice in store. *sigh*

The two stores I have problems with are River Island and H&M  (especially H&M where yo can’t return online purchases to store – behind the times much?) so they are crossed off my online shop list (except for shoe purchases). Even Online -only ASOS provides that problem but unfortunately I can’t get around it.

Online shopping also means I get deliveries, so many now that the delivery guy knows my name. Not a good sign.

It takes time and effort and ties your money down. So whats the best way to buy?

My solution?

Browse in store, mark down the things you like then buy 10 days later online after having a think about what you have seen or tried in store.

There is nothing better than actually trying on an item and seeing it on you before you part with your money. It means your funds aren’t tied up and you don’t have to waste time returning items to store because you know it fits or is perfect for you already.

So the way to shop online?

See it , touch it, try it, feel it (in store) then buy it.


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