Little Black Boots

Autumn is here! And so I have prepared by updating my ankle boot collection.

Here are my picks:


Country Stomper


The casual pair. These boots are so comfortable for walking. I remember seeing a student wearing them in a college I worked at a few years ago – they just mead her legs look long and lean with black tights (it might have helped that she was tall and model like but I didn’t take notice, I just wanted the shoes) two years later I’ve got the shoes. I also have them in a tan/brown colour and they are great for running around town but still having some height.

The Fashionista


My oldest ankle boots. Up until this year these were the only items I had ever purchased from ASOS and even then I got them via Ebay. I narrowly missed out on the last pair on ASOS so I scoured Ebay and found someone selling them brand new. I placed my bid and I got them for a steal at £7!! It made my christmas that year.

As you know I love anything with a bow or butterfly so it is the bow in addition to the snake effect that made me fall in love with these boots (and if I recall some picture of Victoria Beckham wearing something similar lol). Unfortunately they aren’t great for walking or standing in for a long time so I use them when I know I’m going to be sitting.

Lunch with The Girls


My surprise great purchase. I just love the quilted pattern on these boots and thought “Let me just try them on“. As soon as my foot went in I was smitten. They are sooooooooo comfortable! I felt it standing  so just to be sure I took them for a test run. I was amazed. I was walking in them like I had been in a shoe of a lower height. It’s made from real leather so I will have to wear it in a bit for the leather to stretch dome more and be 100% comfy but I know that these boots are going to be in my wardrobe for a long time. what ever material ZARA used to make these they need to keep using it. Love them!

Urban Chic


My cool pair. I have never been an open-toe boot girl but once I saw these I had to try them. The perspex heel is everything!

Rock and Rave


My “OMG I have to have them” pair.  I love these boots – they are so fierce!! I saw them on a random site – one of only two things I likes and was captivated by the perspex heel once again and this time it is ombre!! They are similar in shape to the famous Jeffery Campbell shoes (which incidentally I don’t actually like because I feel they are too clompy …plus….everyone has them)


Just look at it! :-))



PRETTYLITTLETHING (found on ebay here) // ASOS // ASOS (old) // ZARA // PRIMARK

So those are my fall boots. Which one would you rock?



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