New Hairbands!!! Yaaay!

I love hair accessories and I am so happy that I can finally wear a hair band.

I feel that my hair has been growing so slowly and I have been in despair about not being able to change it. This is the longest I have ever gone without a regular change and  my creative self has seriously been craving it. Ever since primary school I have always changed my hair regularly (my friends were always commenting “You’ve changed it again!”) so this year has been a real test of my patience having the same style for ages but allowing it to grow healthy and strong.

It still isn’t long enough for me to do anything to it but I can acessorise it and the best way I know how is with Hairbands!

Hairbands are not only the preserve of little girls and their tween sisters!  You can make it look more grown up depending on how you wear it or just let your childish side come out anyway and the collection I have just acquired has made me feel excited:


The Princess BandIMG_3114

This hairband is so pretty. Great for both formal wear and casual wear it’s like having a tiara! The only downside is that it is overly expensive for a hair band. I considered taking it back but because  I love it too much and know I will need it in future so I kept it.IMG_3113

The Fun Cat Band


This hairband is so fun and cute and really brings out your playful side. I was inspired by Soraya from Style Is My Thing in her post with a cat band and when I saw this I thought let’s give it a go!

Rock Stud Band


Love this band! I came across an image of a girl wearing something similar on Instagram and thought “wow how creative”. I’ve never thought about studs or spikes on a hair band. When I tried it on in store it was just too cool to pass up. I know that I will be rocking this with all the other 8 year olds out there but I don’t mind. Wear it with a bit of leather and you’re good to go!



Hairbands All ACCESSORIZE // L-R Fascinator (in store) , Princess, Stud (in store), Cat Ears

That’s all folks!

Which would you rock?



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