Black and White

Being petite, ‘cute‘ can sometimes end up as your signature look no matter what you try. I’m always trying to steer clear of it because at 24, that’s not what you want to be called. Sometimes however, you just have to give up and say Ah well, what can you do?” and embrace it with open arms lol, so that’s what I did today.


This look is ‘cute’. I hadn’t worn this skirt in a while, so I planned my outfit around it and I ended up going monochrome.


I have never been a big T-shirt wearer (because most make me look very young) but now I am getting inspiration about how to rock the item in a more sophisticated fashion and I have also found a style that I love!

I have been searching for a Tee in this style for ages so as soon as I saw it I grabbed it and it was cheap! 🙂


It has a cut out pattern at the bottom so I wanted to show that and pulled it out a bit over the skirt. Most T-shirts are the cotton type with cartoon prints on them but I am now stocking up on this satin style. Instead of cap sleeves I prefer turned up sleeves and this Tee can be worn both casually and dressed up, which looks a bit more sophisticated and “grown up” – bonus!

It’s all about finding a style that suits you. I’m not cool enough to casually rock a normal cartoon print Tee in that nonchalant way you see some fabulous ladies wearing it (I end up looking like I’ve rummaged through a little kids wardrobe or like I’m 12) a but I will try in future.


 I am still trying to get some wear out of my sandals so I will wear them until the cold bites my legs and I succumb to tights – but the coat is a give away that I should give in isn’t it? lol


Some times a big ring is what you need to jazz up an outfit so I got out my flower. I also bought the matching necklace and earrings but it can be flower power overkill if I wear them together.

Got a mani pedi done at Urban Retreat in Harrods. Very expensive but very worth it…mmm babysoft skin. It’s somewhere I would go at the beginning of each season I think, for and overhaul and that extra luxury (my feet were crying for it!) otherwise I am fine with going to my local nail salon or doing it myself and saving £££’s . (Also no, that mark is not a birth mark but an iron burn mark I got when I was little – see the tip? lol I don’t remember when it happened so for me it’s always been there – #thelittlethingsthatmakeyouyou)


PRIMARK Top // PRIMARK Skirt (old) // ZARA Sandals // ZARA Coat // BOUTIQUE Bag (also seen in Zara before) // PRIMARK Neck Collar // NEW LOOK Ring

Thanks to my gorgeous cousin Yimi for taking the pictures (happily lol)…these were the only ones taken – she’s good isn’t she?



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