Wedding Weekend

Weddings! It seems that I am at that age where they are now starting to happen all around me – the number of my friends who have gotten engaged or married this year is getting higher. Next year is already jam packed with weddings!

I went to the wedding of two of my friends yesterday. It was such a beautiful event and the bride looked stunning. Here are some pictures from the wonderful event:

IMG_2779 IMG_2856

Ready for the wedding!


Beautiful bride and dapper groom

IMG_2897 IMG_2915

Getting their groove on

IMG_2975 IMG_2985

Nothing better than having jokes with friends

IMG_2990 IMG_2998

One of my friends as a beautiful bridesmaid

IMG_3024 IMG_3044

The gorgeous reception venue

IMG_3058 IMG_3060

Cool wedding favours – How do we look?


These babies did so well! – They were comfortable and I walked and danced in them all day!

See here for more on my wedding outfit.


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