Seeing Spots

I have tried to convince myself that I am not a lover of polkadots but after recently buying a red dress with the spot print I must say that I am.

This is an outfit I wore a few Sundays ago. I have no idea what I was going for with this look but I wanted to try it out:


I loved this skirt the moment I saw it. It is a size too small but I was so determined to have it until I find an exact replica in my size, that for now I will just squeeze into it.



When I saw it I thought “I wish I had flaming red hair because it would look gorgeous on a red head with a silky blush coloured pussy bow blouse”. ¬†Unfortunately I don’t, so I made do.


H&M Blazer // TOPSHOP Skirt // MISS SELFRIDGE Blouse

There are some looks that seem to look better in person….or maybe not! I’m not sure about this one…it’s probably the green makeup though. You live and you learn!


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