British Nigerian.

Hey! Sorry it’s been a while, the past two weeks have been so busy.

I’ve been to both a wedding and a funeral in the past week. It’s crazy how life is sometimes.

I decided to wear this dress from ASOS to the wedding I went to at the weekend.

I first saw it on Cynthia from and I loved it on her.  Absolutely GAWGUSS!


It has a very African feel to it and seeing as I am Nigerian any chance to rock that vibe is a plus for me. This outfit however gives me a chance to put both my English culture and Nigerian roots together.

I love the floral print and border effect and the print seems similar to the traditional clothes that we usually get sewn for us using a material called Ankara.


Whenever there is a wedding or a party, the tradition, especially at Nigerian weddings, is for the bride to get a material (Ankara, Lace or Kampala) that all her friends and family will use to sew clothes (this actually also happens for the grooms side as well) to show that they are with her. In the Yoruba tribe that I’m from, this is called the “Aso-Ebi” (literally meaning ‘clothes of the family’ but which has since expanded to include friends) and both guys and girls can wear it.

The great thing is you get to design your own dress and I love seeing what people come up with.


colour clok aso

It can be a fashion show. These girls are even colour blocking with their head ties!

I didn’t get a dress sewn this time around but my mum convinced me to pair the head tie, (called a Gele  – pronounced “gay-lay”), with my dress which actually turned out great I think.


It’s only the second time I’ve ever worn one and now I am getting older I feel it is time I start knowing how to wear one and become a real African woman.


I wore my gold River Island heels and Clutch as Nigerians love a lot of bling and I was ready to get my dance on!


ASOS Dress  // RIVER ISLAND Shoes // ALDO Necklace // OTHER Clutch

Omg and I just randomly came across this post and I love it! Two of my favourite things together: Barbie and Nigerian Traditional Weddings.



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