Simple Sophistication

Apologies! I know it’s been a while.

I had a last-minute leaving do for a friend at a cocktail bar and decided to wear this dress:

IMG_2184 IMG_2187

As usual, I looked at my stuffed closet and thought “I have nothing to wear!!” (Why do we do that?!, it’s like a default mechanism!). Then I told myself off and had a good look through my clothes and picked this dress out. I’ve had it for a while now but haven’t yet been able to wear it. I got it in the sales over Christmas and this is exactly the kind of event I wanted it for.


IMG_2195The dress is simple yet has those small details that make it something. I love the dipped hem, dropped shoulders and turned up sleeves which give you that cool laid back feel but you still get some sophistication with the gold zip at the back. 



I can wear it plain if I want to go for a serious look (I’d pair it with a statement watch and colourful large clutch bag) or jazz it up with accessories and today I decided to get one of my minimalist heels out but I can’t wait until my hair has grown and I can wear it with a slicked back bun and killer courts!



RIVER ISLAND Dress  // BARRATS Clutch (old) // ZARA Shoes // H&M Necklace 

It’s been difficult knowing what to do with my hair. I am still determined to wear as little extensions in as possible, but it is still at that awkward stage – to short to do anything with and too long to be short and cool. I accidentally made this style after washing it and thought it looked ok…an asymmetric puff of sorts. I’ll probably do this style for a while until I (hopefully) “accidentally” come across another – I hope it grows quick!

Off to get my Mojito!



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