Back to the 90’s!

Back to the 90's!
Back to the 90’s! by tfmcstyle 

From Dungarees to Skirt Trousers The 90’s is back in fashion!

I am seeing so many things from that time, I am wondering if they are going to bring everything back. I can’t believe that River Island are doing skirt trousers?! I never thought that one would come back.

This trend just gives me great memories of growing up. All the many days of watching Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or CBBC and stomping about in my dungarees, “belly top” and Jellies.
Aside from the usual Barbie and Action Man, Pokemon, Tamagotchi’s and Yo-Yo’s were HUGE in my school! Everyone who was anyone had one. I remember getting (once again) a clear glittery Yo-Yo that would light up when you did the ‘walk-the-dog’ trick. Ahhhh more good times.
They haven’t brought back Pedal Pushers yet or Spaghetti Strap tops yet but the way they’re going it may not be soon before long.
Did you grow up in the 90’s? Any thing I’ve missed?

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