Jelly Babies!!


A little while ago I told you that I saw a girl on the Tube wearing throw back 90’s Jelly sandals and after seeing how cute they still looked on an adult I just had to get them.

Well, you’ll never guess what….;-)

After much searching (somehow they were sold out everywhere?!) I got my hands on these JuJu Babes exclusive to Urban Outfitters. They are the only ones who did them with a black buckle (all others come in white…I have those also but I’m deciding whether to send them back – they took so long to come I’d forgotten I’d ordered them so I ordered these ones – you can get that style at American Apparel, Office or ASOS).

IMG_2146 There is a heeled version and a flat version but I prefer the heeled version as it gives me that little bit of height but still with comfort.

I had the exact same pair when I was nine and in the exact same colour (even back then I wanted shoes that went with everything) so I’ve been having some 90’s nostalgia. I just love the glitter ones – it says fun, cute and sparkly!

The problem with searching for these shoes and typing “jelly sandals”  into Google, is that you are likely to come across other sandals that don’t match the description of the one you were searching for but are enticing nonetheless.  It’s easy to get tempted and unfortunately my will not to buy any didn’t hold up. I just had to get these sweet Miss KG Minx Jelly sandals wich happened to be on sale in House of Fraser.

They are just adorable, really feminine and girly but also soft and Summe-ry and I love them already!

IMG_2154 They are so cute and go with almost everything so far and although they look really purple here they are a little clearer when worn.

Both of these sandals have been added to the first of my collection – glitter jelly flip-flops I got from Primark a few years ago.IMG_2151 the thing I love about all of the them is that they are so comfortable to wear and I am all for comfort!

So look out for these babies in future posts. 🙂



URBAN OUTFITTERS Glitter JuJu Babes // HOUSE OF FRASER (MISS KG) Minx Flat Jelly(HoF) or KURT GEIGER , Minx Flat Jelly(KG// PRIMARK Glitter Sandals

Will you be trying the Jelly trend?  



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