Graduation Day


Yesterday was my sister’s graduation from university! She’s worked so hard and I’m sooo proud of her!


It can be hard figuring out what to wear to these events sometimes – you want to look nice but you don’t want to upstage the celebrant! Some people wouldn’t care about that but I think it’s nice to scale back a little.

I love colour so I usually wear as much as possible – and bold ones at that – but my sister was wearing yellow so I decided to find something to complement her choice (I mean, we will have to look at those graduation pictures forever so we can’t be having clashes!).

It was sooooo hot (finally!) so I decided to wear a ruffle top and, instead of black, wear a plum coloured pencil skirt for a little colour.


IMG_1971IMG_1978 Pencil skirts alway make you look sophisticated and go for everything so I love them! This colour was bright but not too bold to be overpowering. IMG_1984

I decided to pair it with my nude courts. I love the cork platform on this shoe as it makes it different to others and gives it more detail than if it were plain ( I would also love to get  this style in white or if someone wants to bless me, the Charlotte Olympia white and leopard ones!)IMG_1994

The heel is high but the platform made them really easy to walk in but not for standing still for a long time – got to be sure to take your feet out once in a while to avoid cramps!IMG_1981


This ruffle top actually has a black pussy bow to it, but I tied it to the back so I could wear the necklace and skip the librarian look. I definitely could have done with another belt but this was the only one I had in gold so I will be on the look out.

I also wanted to try false lashes, because for someone into beauty and fashion, this is the one thing I don’t wear that often! (mainly because I find it hard to put on over my extremely already curly lashes, but I will keep trying!). I put them on but I spent the day with each one half coming off until I got fed up and pulled them off! I guess I’ve still got a long way to go!

Any tips for wearing falsies?!


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