The Everything Everytime Dress

Each of of us has got to have that dress. The dress that you can wear day or night, springtime or winter, rain or shine. Somehow, I have a few of those. Here are two of my favourites:


This one is a very light weight dress that I throw on for everything. I got it from Peacocks (a cheap store in the UK) and it is probably one of my most used items.



IMG_1727  IMG_1731  IMG_1735This one is from H&M. I like to wear it with a denim jacket in spring or leather jacket in autumn for a casual style have worn it many times to more formal events. IMG_1783  IMG_1786




They are so light weight so I have been able to take them on holiday with me a few times and and (terribly) you see it in almost all of my holiday pictures, they are starting to look the same! (uh-oh, time to get a new one I think!).

These dresses are just easy to slip on for a day look and can also be dressed up with belts and blazers for a more formal look. What I love is that even though they are light weight, I can still wear them in winter by layering them or wearing them with tights (panty-hose) and cute boots.

When I have no idea what to wear and want something quick, you can be sure that one of these dresses (and a few others) are pulled out!

Do you have a go to everyday everytime dress?



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