Barmy Barbie!

I looooved this tee the moment I saw it!



Miss Selfridge must have been having a real nostalgic moment when they came up with their collection paying homage to the Barbz. From leggings and T-shirts to body suits and bustiers they had a whole range of items. I had quite a few Barbies when I was little – Princess Barbie, Swimming Barbie, I didn’t quite manage to get Vet Barbie with her horse-box (I just used my My Little Pony instead!) but I even got her sisters Skipper and Shelly. I loved dressing them up and brushing their hair and inventing stories about their toy box lives.…ahhh good times.


 I love the back of this Tee. I didn’t even notice that it had this scallop style opening until I got home. It even better!



I paired it with light denim jeans and white minimalist heels for a slightly grown up touch. The light tones make it feel really summery and fresh.

IMG_1706 IMG_1703

I also added my Barbie-pink Kate for Rimmel (20) lipstick to keep the theme going.



There is quite a 90’s nostalgia moment going on too. I am itching to get these:


Jelly Sandals!!!

I saw someone on the Tube yesterday, wearing hers. They looked sweet!

I had these exact ones when I was around 8 or 9 years old and they have come back into fashion!!!

Take a stroll down memory lane to your childhood: summer dresses, pigtails, Tamagotchis, frilly white ankle socks, fruity gel pens…what’s missing? Well, the coolest thing in the world of course: jelly shoesThey’re back!

Here are some celebs rocking theirs:

even First Lady, Michelle Obama has a pair! So I have got to get one now!

I’ve found that these shoes are quite long wearing and comfortable and there are so many different styles to choose from.

Definitely need to get myself a pair!

Do you get nostalgic? What items from your childhood have you reworked into your “grown up” wardrobe? What do you wish or think would come back into fashion? Leave a comment below x


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