Red -dy, Set, Go!

This outfit is one I wore to a late lunch with my girlies yesterday.


Black on top and red on the bottom. I love red – it’s daring, sexy, bright and sophisticated but too many people shy away from it! It is loud I’ll admit but  if you’re shy to go fully red why not start casually and bring it in slowly. It can be great also to turn the usual brights around and have a loud bottom half so that you’re not attracting too much attention up top but still have a pop of colour. It’s also useful to use makeup as an accessory – I have used my lipstick to add a little colour to my top half here so that it’s not too bland.

I’ve always wanted an off-the-shoulder top for as long as I can remember and when I saw this one on ASOS I couldn’t pass up the chance to get it.


There is just something about the peeking shoulders that screams glamorous, sensual and alluring to me. I added this gorgeous long waistcoat that I got for Christmas as it isn’t hot yet  (why???! It’s June!!) but it’s warm enough to not need a full jacket. The useful things about sleeveless jackets is that you get to show all parts of the outfit. There are times when you have a really nice outfit on (if you do say so your self ;-)) and the need to wear a jacket can ruin it –  this is a great way around that

IMG_1808IMG_1811  It’s all about the small details and I love the zip detail on the back of the trousers and the quilted leather on the shoulders of the jacket

IMG_1824IMG_1832 I added my silk scarf in burnt orange, red heels and M.A.C Ruby Woo lipstick to keep the fire trend and I’m good to go!


ASOS Top // H&M Trousers // ZARA Long Waistcoat // NEW LOOK Shoes // OTHER Scarf

Do you like block colours? How do you wear yours? 


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