The Ugly Youth

You look really young!

That statement is supposed to always make a woman feel happy.

I don’t.

Were I a woman in my forties, fifties or sixties, I would love it! “Why thank you, darling...”…And based on the comments I get now, I probably I will. But to get them now, in your early twenties? That ain’t great. That is not the compliment I want.

In creation  of me my Mum passed on her petite genes and my Dad passed on his round face and cute cheeks genes. When I was small I didn’t even notice, but fast forward to Year 9 (aged 14) and I found out that I was short, (they sent me to the back of the line for school photos – tallest at the front, shortest at the back- I was third to last!).

I was shocked, especially as I had actually been one of the tallest in my class at primary school  (I must have grown and just stayed that height once I’d reached it). My lack of sleep during my teens didn’t help to combat this characteristic either.

I don’t mind being small really, I always say  It gives me a great excuse to wear heels! and promptly go off to buy another pair. The comment that I do I get a lot however, which I don’t hate but which worries me sometimes, is that I look young for my age.


When I was 18  someone told me that I looked 12, by the time I was at Uni it had increased to 14 and now it falls between 16/18. This is both good and bad.

One one hand it’s great because, as I always say, “When I’m forty I’ll look like I’m 30!” – and that, I don’t mind at all!. On the downside, I am in my twenties and I feel that this time of all times is the time to look fly, sophisticated and blossom in beauty….

According to one ‘very helpful’ good friend, my face and age need to converge quickly or else by the time I look to be my actual age I will be way past it in real terms! Thanks! Very encouraging!

So what can I do?

I think I dress my age most times so that aside, it has to all be in the face. It is possible to look your age (or a least a little older) without resorting to wearing clothes that are for women twice your age or ravaging your face with heavy makeup…I’m definitely all for natural beauty. So in this light, here are some of the things I have found that help me:

1. Look After Your Hair

– Shorter hair on me seems to make me look older. Not the bald cut that I’ve been sporting recently but the pixie crop or mid length hair just past my shoulders. I do wonder why this is – maybe it is the sharp lines which just give you a little edge, toughness and scream “don’t mess with me”. Also, a side parting rather than a middle parting helps as I’ve been informed by my cousin and sister that a mid parting screams “School girl!”. You may not have to cut yours but – hair is always a good start.

2. Be Well groomed

There is just something sophisticated neat and seemingly mature about someone who is well-groomed and fresh. It doesn’t mean you have to spend vast amounts of money in beauty salons but neat nails (remove chipped nail polish!) and groomed eyebrows can do wonders.

3. Lipstick..especially red

I know many people are afraid try red lipstick but it is great! You will never know until you experiment and try! It always makes me feel confident and bold and after wearing it you. Putting on even the smallest amount of make up can really lift your face and define your features making you look your age.

4. Good Fitting Clothes

I’m all for comfort but too many slouchy jeans, slouch hoodies and baggy tops only serve to get you included in the after school kid’s club. They make you hide away and go unnoticed but a great fitting jacket and can make you walk with confidence and seem taller and thus more mature. Not that they can’t be worn – I love my hoodies during the winter but its good to take the time to find clothes that fit and don’t wear away quickly because

OK, so none of the above may be for you and you may find that it doesn’t instantly make you look your age but close to your age is better than half!

These are the things I find that help me but if do all that and if it doesn’t work? Ah well, at least I’ll look 30 when I’m forty!!

This post by Jean from is excellent at showing the difference a few changes can make.

Do you have this problem? How do you handle it?


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