Keep or Sweep?

I have a dilemma and I need your help!

Usually when I go shopping my wing woman is my sister. If I purchase something but i’m not sure about it I would usually ask her what she thinks – if it’s nice, if it’s worth it, if it looks good. If I get the “OMG it’s soooo nice” from her or the “If you don’t want it i’ll have it response, I know its a keeper. If it’s the “ehhh…its ok..” response, it’s a sweeper – back to the shops it goes and it is swept out of my mind forever.

At the moment the Robin to my Batman isn’t here as she has University exams (good luck sis!) so I thought that I’d get you to help me.

1. Zara Minimalist White Heels £39.99

Remember this post?

Well, when the shoes arrived and I took them out of the box (I love the process of opening a new box of shoes!), I wasn’t as excited as I originally was when clamouring to buy them.


IMG_1266ZARA Shoes

The strap looks a little like plastic and immediately, as soon I put them on, the balls of my feet hurt! That has never happened to me before.



So should I Keep them or Sweep them?

Reasons to Keep:

– So nice, would go with a lot of things,

– I would like a white minimalist sandal and haven’t seen too many else where

– I could put a gel in the bottom and wear it in

Reasons to Sweep:

-It hurt on first try!

– Is it worth the price?

2. H&M Monochrome Stripe Maxi Dress £19.99

I also got this dress from H&M:


After seeing these alluring images of Beyonce and originally wanting to get this dress for the beach, I was surprised ((don’t know why really) to find that the slits weren’t actually that high and that it is, in fact, a normal maxi dress.


// H&M Dress //

My issue with this is just whether I love it enough and also the fact that I ordered it online then got one in store just to try on for size and found that they were different colours. The one from the store  was white and back and the one online was cream and black. Production quality alert!


So Keep or Sweep?

Reasons to Keep:

– Summer is coming, I will be looking for a maxi dress

– I can wear it both casually and formally

– It looks nice

Reasons to Sweep:

-I don’t need it right now

– I possibly could find another I love more?

Actually I have since seen it on another blogger Shirley B. Eninag and it looks really nice on her:

shirley B

Shirley B Eniang from

So I’ve got 30 days to think about it . Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: It was a SWEEP  for both. I didn’t return scott-free though. I exchanged the Zara sandals for these (way more comfortable) River Island ones


2 thoughts on “Keep or Sweep?

  1. Iva says:

    I would have kept it… I actually feel sorry now for items I’ve given away thinking I don’t need them, just driven by desire to clear my wardrobe.

    • Theaadisa says:

      It’s about getting the balance right isn’t it? I’m forever clearing out my wardrobe then buying the exact same thing to fill it up again because I found I needed it. I do however, have somethings I bought five years ago that I still haven’t worn, with the hope of wearing them in the future. What’s a girl to do?! I think its best for me to go down the ‘buy it when you need it’ route unless it’s something I know I definitely will wear. Thanks for reading!

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