The Hunt

Some times shoppinging is like a hunt. You see what you want and you’re competing with other people to get the prize or get to the finish line:

I wanted these shoes from Zara:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.22.47

White minimalist heels, newly added to the site and I immediately thought “Those are going to go!”.  I was hesitant about buying them straight away so decided that I would wait. Two days later they had sold out! Those shoes went like hot cakes!

Noooooooo! I just had to get them.

“Right. When they come back I will get one”

Unfortunately this led to checking every day, staking the shoes out like a Tigerress until the ‘back soon’ sign change to a 5. BAM!  Into the shopping basket they went! I pressed pay and was happy – they won’t sell out on me!

5 days later…the shoes were still there.


Sometimes you work yourself up for nothing.


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