It’s Genius!

I’m in love with this jumper! I thought the ‘Dweeb’ and ‘Geek’ T-shirt trend was cool but I didn’t really find anything in it that was ‘me’ or that I thought I would wear past this season until I saw this jumper. GENIUS! It’s a bit big-headed isn’t it? Haha! I usually don’t wear round necks as I find they make me look young (I look young enough!). I love the baggy-ness of this jumper though and paired it with faux leather leggings to toughen it up a bit. It’s still pretty cold so this ensemble is great for keeping me warm.









TOPSHOP Jumper /ZARA Leggings / ZARA Bag /   NEW LOOK Shoe Boots (old) / Zara Slippers/ ALDO Necklace

I took my flat Zara slippers with me also as it was going to be a long day. Some MAC Rebel Lippy and I’m good to go!


2 thoughts on “It’s Genius!

  1. Mavis says:

    I love this outfit !!! The mix of jumper and leggings is stylish yet looks really comfortable.
    Also I’ve seen a couple of people with the zara bag – i love it, but i’m still on the fence about spending £50 on a handbag.

    • Theaadisa says:

      Thanks! The great thing is you can wear as many layers under the jumper for extra warmth without it looking bulky. I know about the bag! When I first saw it I was like “I have to have it!” but then balked at the price especially as it’s not leather. I decided to buy it in the end as it has so many compartments and can fit my laptop so it’s great for work! Also I’ve noticed that with Zara, if you really want it, you have to be willing to pay full price unfortunately – not many things last until sale time (this one looks like its going to so you might be lucky). Only thing is everyone has it now haha!

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