Grow Hair Grow!

Remember this post?

Well a month later and I can now see it! My hair is growing. Usually I can feel its length when I wash my hair but at last  now I can see it!


 I’m still having a bit of trouble figuring out ways of styling it. The gentle comb out is my default option because whenever I have tried to achieve this look I have either overloaded it with gel or it takes aaaages to dry and I end up washing it out:


Here was my last attempt:

IMG_1066 IMG_1072 IMG_1075

It’s not a curly as I would like it to be or as defined but it is soft and lasted for a day so I guess it’s better than nothing. If I can get the hang of it then I will be happy. I am really tempted to put it into braids but I know that I should give my hair and scalp more breathing room and freedom from tension. The aim is to go the whole year without braids. We’ll see if that works out!



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