Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that you’re beautiful. We can get so caught up in beating ourselves up and focusing on our flaws that we forget to look at what is good about ourselves. I was having a search-for-the-random-song-playing-in-my-head moment when I came across this ad on YouTube. I usually skip the advert as much as possible but this one caught my eye and I had to watch it in full:

Dove have recently launched the ‘Real Beauty Sketches‘ campaign to show women that ‘You are more beautiful than you think‘ .

I know that this is a beauty brand, so there is going to be some element of selling here, but even so, the fact that they would create an advert like this, is amazing. I love these types of campaigns regardless of the underlying advertising, because I know that even if it only happens to one person, somebody could be touched and their outlook on life changed forever.

It was fascinating to see just how different the images that were created from the women’s own descriptions of themselves were, compared to those created from another person’s description. Dove’s research found that ‘only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful‘. This is such as tiny percentage!

Intent focus on all the negatives, rather than habitual celebration of all the positive aspects of yourself, can really affect your outlook on life, including: your attitude, the way you carry yourself and the way you interact with others. The opinion’s of others, magazines, the media and the value that society or culture places on certain looks and attributes can be damaging to one’s self-esteem if you don’t meet all the criteria. We then put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to conform to that image, instead of appreciating what is good about ourselves and the uniqueness we have to offer. This campaign was really eye-opening. How do you see yourself? What do you focus on? What image would you have had drawn?

Personally, I haven’t really had too much of an issue with my appearance – I’m not a model but I think I’m attractive enough. Yes, there are areas I could improve, but I’m not hung up on them as I know that despite my flaws (of which there are many!) I have good features too and so does everyone else. I know that this type of thinking can be hard for many, many people and it can be a battle getting to that point (I’m quite sure that were it not for the positive people around me who have always taught me to appreciate my good qualities, I may not be here either – I mean, there was that period where I hated my legs…but now I love I’m ok with them!). Through my constant observation of people (a daily commute has its uses!) I have found that when you look at another person, you’re more likely to notice and focus on their perfections – that great smile or those lovely eyes – and glance over their flaws. If this is what you do, wouldn’t it be the same for others?

Flaws are there, there’s no denying it, and some people’s flaws are more prominent than others. However, when you look at a person, although you may take note of their flaws, those flaws diminish in comparison to their beauty especially if the person is confident and shining (from within).

One person I love to watch and hear from is Nick Vujicic (watch his story here). He is a man of character with a great personality and good looks (also recently married and had his first child). If he can live with confidence, charisma and no arms and legs, then why do we let things get us down?

We should not let others validate us but should do so ourselves, even if we have to do it a little at a time. Challenge: Each day this week look for one thing you like about yourself and celebrate it!

So, the next time you start to be down on yourself or get hung up with your flaws, remember the Dove advert and remember that other people don’t see you that way. Observe yourself through ‘beauty goggles’ – find your good points and highlight those. You are more beautiful than you think.

Also, here’s another little commercial to tickle your noggin’: ‘Fotoshop by Adobe’ 

(Please note this is not a real commercial) “This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty” Jesse Rosten, creator of ‘Fotoshop by Adobe’.

What do you think of the Dove advert? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


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