Hair Diaries

Your hair has grown


Those were the words a friend dared to utter to me recently. I was baffled.

*looks left, looks right, turns around and checks behind*

“What hair?..This hair? mean this one?… *points to head*… on my head?….nah…”

To me, my hair hard stopped growing. I’ve been checking it and it looks like it did a month ago! I want it to groooww what can I doooo???….ahhhh cue panic attack and frantic searching on the web for answers…what can I do? what can I dooooo?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing

Just let it take it’s time.

Although I don’t really want to, I guess I have to learn to just love it and accept that for now I can do nothing about it!

I am still trying to rock my low cut (it’s not even long enough to be a Teeny Weeny Afro!) and go with it.

If anyone has any suggestions about what I could do with it let me know!!


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