Something Good..

I spent today with my chicas. We went to Masala Zone to celebrate one of our friend’s birthday and catch up on her latest nws. I haven’t seen her for a long while and she has since got engaged so it was a double celebration! We grilled her all about it because she and her fiancé met at our Uni…one of those fairytale stories. Sweet!shopping

The rest of the evening was spent in the beauty section of Selfridges with one of my besties, so if you don’t like beauty stuff turn away now!

We looked at bags, clothes, shoes and tried on make up, perfume…. Everything!.

This was once again a test of my self-control as I tried not to buy everything in sight and tried instead to remind myself of the things I decided to save up for this year, namely:
– A new car
– Holiday
– A Masters course

and weigh up the importance of what was in front of me with that list. If you don’t keep you goal and the plan for achieving that goal in mind, you won’t stick to it.

Overall I bought two things – lipstick and concealer- and for those who love all things M.A.C, I learnt a new thing today:

Back to M.A.C – This is a program they set up ensuring that they are an environmentally responsible company but you get to benefit too!: Take 6 empty products cases/ primary packaging back to M.A.C and get a lipstick free! (Great if you’re a lipstick lover like me and if you want to splash your money for other things!)

I also spent the night watching updates from my favourite beauty YouTubers and bloggers and here are a few of my favourite:

Promise  Phan (YouTube)
– This girl is the one to go to if you ever want to fancy dress! Her way with makeup is Ah-Mazing! And she is so likeable and easy to follow. She does the tutorials in really simple steps and I love her funny short films too.

Check her out here

Patricia O (Youtube & Blog )
My favourite Youtuber EVER!! In another world this girl would be my one of my best friends! She does beauty and style tutorials and also has a vlog channel for those who want to know what she gets up to during the week with her great husband Mike (my favourite non-celeb couple). Her tutorials are really easy to follow and she also gives great advice on all things girly.

Check her out here (Youtube) and here (blog)

Shirley B. Eniyang ( Youtube & Blog)
A great style inspiration, she keeps it fresh, natural and chic. I like this girl’s style and want to have her whole wardrobe! She does both beauty and style tutorials as well as product reviews.

Check her out here (Youtube) and here (blog)

Well that’s all folks!

Good thing of the day: Fun day with friends and shopping! What’s not to love?!


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