Deal With It

Opinions. Everybody has one.

Everyone is entitled to one but in the case of your hair, I think the only one that matters is yours (..and maybe the designated best friend who will warn you when you’re having a bad hair day). I found that when I cut my hair everyone had an opinion. Some were shocked, some were baffled, some loved it, some said it was brave and there were even others who weren’t quite so positive and I wouldn’t have minded (what could they do what was done was done) so much if it hadn’t been for the fact that these opinions were coming from were random people I didn’t know who wanted to put their own two cents in! I felt like saying…”Do I know you?” “Did I ask for your opinion??”.

If you’re ever going to change your hair especially if it is a drastic alteration, you have to learn how to handle the opinions that will be thrown your way and be confident in yourself. Confidence is not something everyone has at the beginning – I had to take a deep breath the first time I went out with my low-cut and I’m glad I did. It was scary! But in that moment I knew that if I didn’t step out with it I would have just lost a little bit of confidence in myself that may be hard to gain back. I was worried about what others would think, if I’d have a funny shaped head (apparently I do – mine is not perfectly rounded but it was loved anyway and people keep telling me to keep it low!), if I’d look unattractive etc.

All those things went away once I’d cut it. I gradually revealed my hair in all aspects of my life until I got to a point where I didn’t wear my wig at all. Other people’s opinions are just that: their opinion, not yours and the only one that matters is yours not theirs. If it all went wrong at least I had taken the risk and was brave enough to try.  I felt a new-found sense of freedom and confidence when I stepped out. I then, didn’t care what others thought of it. I knew why I wanted to do it and I thought I looked fine. It was exactly the same as when I had coloured my hair, everyone had an opinion.

Your reason for doing your hair should not be to please others. Some people will tell you to not do it and there are even those that tell you to keep it short. If I were to listen to everyone my head would be scraped bald never to be grown again! The main question I get asked is “Why?!” (exclamation marks included) and my reply i that I just want healthy hair and this is how I’ve chosen to do it. end of.

If you want to change your hair don’t worry about other people and don’t succumb to negative excuses such as “Oh, it won’t look right on me” or “You have a different head/face/body shape to mine, it wont suit me“. THIS IS A LIE. How will you know unless you try? Until you do it you really won’t know. Then and only then can you say if it is right or not for you and quite frankly, once it’s done, most people love it.

So don’t worry about the opinions, get out there!

What mountains have you come across in your hair journey? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you x


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