Styling with a Crop…Pt1

After a Big Chop or new cut it can be hard to feel feminine or beautiful but this can easily be done and shouldn’t be any different to when you had long hair (except the limited number of accessories you can put in your hair. I personally have taken this time to explore a more androgynous boy-meets-girl look but loving, as I do, all things girly, I wriggle my way back into dresses and vertiginous heels.

So how can we style out a low cut yet look glamorous?

First things first…maintain your hair:

Tips for your hair

Keep your face fresh and groomed – A low cut means your face is fully on show to the world! No more hiding behind those bangs!

1. Groom and maintain your eyebrows – So bite the bullet and tweeze, wax or thread it will lift your face making you appear bright and fresh.


2. Use a little contouring to highlight and define your cheekbones (especially if like me you have a round baby face)

3. If you are keeping you hair short, regularly maintain it by getting it shaped up or trimmed and re-styled.

4. Keep it moisturised and clean. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean you don’t look after it. The more you look after it now the easier it will be once it has grown ( that’s if you’re growing it). So don’t go more than a week without washing it.

5. Wrap it in a scarf or sleep with a satin/silk pillow case at night. If you’re growing your hair out remember that the hair on your head now will become the ends of your long hair tomorrow – you want them to remain strong!

6. Walk tall and straight an SMILE! The biggest key to rocking a short ‘do is CONFIDENCE. Confidence is the thing most people will notice and think of as that ‘something beautiful’ about you. If you stand tall, shoulders back and walk proudly with your new hair you will really start to feel it.



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