New Year, New Hair

Quite a dramatic morning today. I have been planning this for a while but I decided that today had to be the day. A new year = new hair! I need to look after myself both inside and out and what better way than to care for my hair to let it grow healthy and strong as God intended so the look I’ve gone for……THE BIG CHOP!



Doesn’t look as bad as I crazily imagined it would be but I’ve still got my wigs, hats and scarves on standby incase I wake up tomorrow or in a weeks time hating it. My dad says I look like a small boy called ‘Kayode’ so that will be my hair cuts nickname until it grows out, lol. I will know in a few days time (with added makeups on face) if I am brave enough to go out with it, but for now I’ll keep my bald head to myself x

Learn more about why I did this here

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